Top 17 Best Kegerator Cleaning Kits in 2022

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Best-Selling Kegerator Cleaning Kits on Amazon:

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To make your choice easier, we’ve compiled the features and specifications of each of the top-rated Kegerator Cleaning Kits below:

10 Best Kegerator Cleaning Kits

Highlighted Features:
  • No need to remove your faucet, connects directly to your beer line!
  • 1/2 gallon High pressure Cleaning bottle
  • 32 oz. Alkaline beer line cleaning solution
  • Pressurizes from the bottom up so you can clean the faucet also
  • Home Brew kits and accessories
Highlighted Features:
  • INCLUDED WITH KIT: An easy to use instruction sheet. Featuring 8 ounces of Brew Clean powder cleaning solution. 1 plastic bottle to mix the cleaning solution, gently squeeze the bottle to prevent leakage. 1 ball lifter for holding the check valve open on your beer coupler. 1 metal faucet wrench to loosen and tighten your faucet for an all-around cleaning experience. 1 faucet brush for those tough spots. 1 connection hose to connect the cleaning line directly to the tower or standard shank.
  • EASIEST KIT ON THE MARKET: This all-in-one cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean stainless steel, Cornelius, Firestone style kegs, liquid/beer lines and other glass, plastic or rubber homebrew equipment.
  • SAFE TO USE: The 8 ounces of Brew Clean solution is a safe and easy to use powder solution. It will not cause rust on kegs/ homebrew equipment. This formula actually helps protect metal from corrosion. Only 1 tablespoon of the Brew Clean solution is needed for each cleaning (enough to do about 20 cleanings).
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: This kit is backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.
  • ASSEMBLED IN THE USA: This kit is assembled in the USA.
Highlighted Features:
  • An EFFORTLESS CLEAN with our Quick Connect System! Cleaning your lines is now as easy as changing your keg. Never struggle with those old cleaning kits again. Tools or tap disassembly not needed
  • BEST FROM THE BOTTOM! Cleaning your lines using the bottom up approach prevents air gaps in the lines when cleaning. Get a better clean with less effort and hassle with our bottom up pump approach
  • NO MESS with the twist-fit connection that keeps pressure in the lines with no leaks. Simply connect your coupler to the cleaning bottle just like you connect to your keg! Cleaning powder included
  • For Sankey D (Standard kegs) couplers only! This kit is specific for those systems using American Sankey/Sanke (D system) couplers. If you need a ball - lock connector for home brewers, just click the button above to order the Home Brewing Kit.
  • FULL ONE-YEAR 5-STAR GUARANTEE! Refund or replacement for one full year, including your shipping costs, no questions asked; We'll always do what we can to make you happy with your purchase
Highlighted Features:
  • 1 qt. Cleaning Kit
  • 1 qt. Shatter Proof Plastic Jar
  • 4 0.5 oz. Packets of Alkaline Beer Line Cleaning Solution
  • 1 Faucet Wrench
  • 1 Faucet Brush
Highlighted Features:
  • 1 quart shatter-proof bottle
  • Check ball lifter
  • Neoprene washer
  • NSF approved
Highlighted Features:
  • Includes 1 quart bottle, hose assembly and o-ring, faucet wrench and brush, ball lifter, and powder cleaning compound.
  • Includes step-by-step cleaning instructions for your draft beer lines with pictures showing proper use of the kit.
  • Kit is gravity feed so there is no need for pumps or additional supplies, hose assembly fits all standard draft towers.
  • Quality seal materials and design prevent leaking problems that occur with some other beer line cleaning kits.
  • 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund or replace your kit, no questions asked!
Highlighted Features:
  • Easy-to-use hand pump pressurized cleaning tank
  • Does not require you to remove your faucet to clean your dispense system
  • Connects directly to your beer line for fast and easy cleaning
  • 32 oz. bottle of biodegradable Kegco Beer Line Cleaner alkaline solution keeps beverage lines clean
  • Nylon faucet brush helps keep your tap clean
Highlighted Features:
  • Volume capacity: 4 gallon ( 15 liters)
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Sankey D connections (2)
  • Pressure-relief valve
  • Removable lid for easy filling
  • Carrying handle
  • 9.5" X 11" X 16"
  • Included Components: Cleaning Keg Kit
Highlighted Features:
  • Easy-to-use hand pump pressurized cleaning tank
  • Allows you to clean your dispense system without needing to remove the faucet
  • Connects directly to your beer line for fast and easy cleaning
  • 32 oz. Bottle of drafted draft beer cleaner clear keeps beverage lines clean
  • Nylon faucet brush helps keep your tap clean
Highlighted Features:
  • Extra long size: Total length is 40 inches, 4PCS, 2 sizes, pack1: ID:1/2inch, fit for ID: 1/2, 3/8, 5/8 inch hose; pack2: ID:1/4inch, fit for ID: 3/16, 5/16 inch hose.
  • Flexible and stiff handle : The handle is flexible and stiff stainless steel, not soft spring, that make it‘s easy to push out hose.
  • Different bristles and protection design: ID:1/2 brush, medium stiff bristles, ID:1/4 brush, soft bristles, that make it's easy to clean different size hose. It have protection design on tip, that make it won’t hurt hose.
  • BPA free: The brush set is made of high quality stainless steel and nylon,they are all durable and sturdy, it fit for every familiy.
  • Multi-function: It‘s used to clean straw, kegerator, siphon hose, PVC tubing, feeding tube, aquarium tube, U-tube, coffee machine, refrigerator drain, sunroof drain.
Highlighted Features:
  • ★【Great Marterial】^^The Fitting—made of 304 High quality stainless steel with Swivel Nuts and Clamps which is durable and portable.^^The Tube—made of Food grade Vinyl Line,soft and smooth, durable and anti-kinking, safe and non-toxic.
  • ★【General Size】^^The Fitting—Both are 5/16" barb and the threads both are 5/8" G.Fit for most of the draft beer accessories.^^The Tube—ID:5/16 inch,OD:7/16 inch,Length:5 feet or 10 feet,work with the barb fittings.
  • ★【Wide Application】The tube and fittings kit are ideal for general use such as beer brewing, kegerator, wine making.Can be used with most commercial barbed fittings and connectors.The Beer line gives your beer a reliable connection from the back of your shank right to the keg coupler.
  • ★【Easy & Efficient】This kit ensures a proper connection of your beer lines to your draft system. Installation is easy and can be done within minutes.And two worm clamps will guarantee no beer leaks.
  • ★【Package Include】10' Length of clear 5/16”inside diameter beer line & 1pcs straight fitting & 2pcs clamps.
Highlighted Features:
  • SAFE TO USE: Brew Clean solution is a safe and easy to use powder solution. It will not cause rust on kegs or home brew equipment, as this formula helps protect metals from corrosion. This cleaning solution works well with stainless Cornelius/Firestone style kegs, other stainless-steel kegs, as well as glass, plastic, and rubber home brew equipment.
  • HOW TO USE WITH KEGS: Use at least two tablespoons (more if kegs are stained), and fill kegs with hot water. Depress dip tube poppets and allow tubes to fill with the solution. To soak the keg lid, add solution and hot water to a bucket with the pressure relief valve open. We suggest adding one tablespoon of solution per 26 ounces or 3.25 cups of hot water. Water should be between 100 and 160 degrees. Let sit for at least one hour, then rinse with clean water. (BUCKET NOT INCLUDED).
  • HOW TO USE WITH BEER LINES: Use your Kegconnection Kegerator beer line cleaning kit with this refill of Brew Clean to clean your beer lines. Use one tablespoon of solution per 26 ounces or 3.25 cups of hot water. Run half the watery solution through your beer lines into a bucket. Dis-assemble your faucets and place them in a bucket with the solution. Let everything soak for about an hour. Run the remaining solution through your lines followed by clean water. (BUCKET & KIT NOT INCLUDED).
  • HOW TO USE WITH HOME BREW EQUIPMENT: Use one tablespoon of solution per 26 ounces or 3.25 cups of hot water (more if items are heavily soiled or stained). Use hot tap water between 100 and 160 degrees. Let each piece of equipment soak for at least one hour for maximum cleaning.
  • OTHER BENEFITS: This powerful cleaning solution cuts down on scrubbing, and will not leave a film on your kegs, lids, or other home brewing equipment. Proudly made in the USA.
Highlighted Features:
  • One-quart shatter proof plastic jar with a hand-pump and faucet coupler cleaning attachment
  • Faucet brush
  • Heavy Duty Faucet Wrench
  • 32 oz. bottle of Kegco Beer Line Cleaner
  • The cleaner and sterilizer is ideal for quick and easy cleaning of direct draw systems
Highlighted Features:
  • Life Is Too Short To Drink Dirty Beer — Warm bar environments combined with traces of beer left overnight can produce dirty gunk that falls into customers' drinks. This innovative beer tap ball is an ingenious way of cleaning your beer nozzle in a matter of seconds
  • Clean Faucets, Clean Beer — Beer line cleaning once a week is time-consuming and often messy. A beer tap ball is the only way to clean your draft beer faucet without taking the whole thing apart. Safely force water up the tap and out through the small vent for a quick rinse
  • Adapted For A Multitude Of Tap Designs — The beer tap ball was designed to address the problem of dirty taps. This beer faucet cleaner is specifically made for vented taps and is adjustable for a variety of different spouts. Try it on yours for more effective cleaning today
  • A Clean Beer At Its Finest — The standard beer faucet cleaning brush still leaves residue left over within the beer tap. This beer faucet cleaning adapter is constructed with a smooth inner surface that inhibits contamination. A necessary addition to your draft beer cleaning process
  • Value Pack — The more beer the merrier! Bundled in a 3 pack, these reusable beer tap balls will keep your beer taps for draft beer sparkly clean for years to come. Use them with fixed and vintage beer taps for a thorough cleaning
Highlighted Features:
  • No need to remove your faucet, connects directly to your beer line or coupler!
  • Pressurizes from the bottom up so you can clean the faucet also
  • Connect directly to couplers to clean sankes and ball locks at the same time
  • 1 Gallon capacity can clean multiple taps with a single fill
Highlighted Features:
  • One quart plastic jar and pump assembly
  • Includes 4 oz beer line cleaning liquid
  • Includes faucet wrench and cleaning brush
  • Strong plastic jar and all metal pump
  • Will work with most small to medium size draft beer systems

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