Top 17 Best Kegerator Faucets in 2022

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Best-Selling Kegerator Faucets on Amazon:

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10 Best Kegerator Faucets

Highlighted Features:
  • FAUCET FEATURES: Standard American beer faucet, long time use metal body. Durable and corrosion resistant, won't pit or tarnish, won’t taint the flavor of your beer.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Brass body, stainless steel core, premium craft heavy duty beer tap; classic core for LESS agitation and LESS foaming. Easy to operate!
  • 100/100 NO LEAKS SMOOTH FLOW: Food safe material strong rubber seal eliminates your worries about leakage. Polished interior for smooth flow. Easy to clean!
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Widely used to attach beer and wine line on this faucet go through wall, refrigerator door, cabinet, etc; All parts and threads are great American standard, classic American beer faucet.
  • LIFE TIME SERVICE: We are committed to offer you with high quality product as well as superior service! Please feel free to tell if any problems, we would try our best to help. Lifetime technical support.
Highlighted Features:
  • 2 1/2" diameter tower made of polished stainless steel hardware and components, black plastic faucet knob tap handle.
  • Comes with Faucet made of heavy duty Brass with Chrome Plating which is food safe, corrosion resistant, durable, and will prevent metallic off flavors
  • 2-1/2" Diameter Air Cooled Polished Stainless Steel Beer Column
  • Includes 5' of 3/16" Clear Beer Tubing with Nozzle and Hex Nut Assembly
  • Connects to All Standard Keg Couplers
Highlighted Features:
  • 1.Packing: Beer Faucet, Beer Handle, Beer Tap Cover;
  • 2.Material: Chrome Plated Brass Body, Anti-rust, ensures quality and longevity;
  • 3.Clean:Draft Faucet Cover will Keep Faucets Clean and Sanitary;
  • 4.Use: The Faucet with Elbow is widely used in Beer Tower, Keg Kegerator,Home Brewing Kegging;
  • 5.Quality Guarantee:Any Defective for Beer Tap, Backed by 45 days Money-Back or Replacement.
Highlighted Features:
  • High-quality Materials: 3" diameter beer tower consists of a 304 stainless steel body, chrome-plated valve, and gasket, sturdy and durable. The shell of our draft dispenser is chrome plated and looks shiny. The attached beer tube is made of PVC plastic with a special lining to protect your beer or other draft beverages' fresh flavor.
  • Single Chrome Faucet: The chrome-plated faucet on the kegerator draft beer dispenser is compact and rust-proof, that is under the commercial beer industry's standard configuration and can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning and disinfection. So you can easily enjoy the happy time of beer with comfort.
  • Full Set Of Fittings: Include one 14 in / 360 mm H & 3 in / 76 mm Dia. beer tower, one 3.1 in / 79 mm faucet, one 12 x 7 x 3/4 in / 30 x 18 x 2 cm drip tray, one 3/16 in / 4 mm inner diameter beer tube (already assembled in the beer tower), one rubber faucet cover, one insulation cotton, one wrench, one gasket, one black tap handle, one set fasteners.
  • Ease To Assemble: A complete set of accessories and instructions included can help you quickly install and put them into use. You can drill a hole in the bar counter, pass the hose through the hole, insert it in the refrigeration unit, and then screw the faucet on the counter or directly on the kegerator dispenser you already have.
  • 12" X 7" Surface Drip Tray: The detachable stainless steel drip tray is used to collect excess beverages or liquids and provide you with a stain-free, mess-free, and splash-free work surface. Our beer beverage tower is convenient to be installed in bars or counters in homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Highlighted Features:
  • Stainless Steel Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower
  • 3" Diameter Column
  • Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets
  • Includes two 3/16" Clear Beer Tubing (5' Lengths) with Nozzle and Hex Nut Assemblies
  • Popular for outdoor or commercial applications.
Highlighted Features:
  • All SS 304 Construction: MRbrew beer faucet is in a completely solid stainless steel construction, less susceptible to wear and tear, will not impart unwanted flavors, body, lever, shaft are all made of stainless, stronger against air corrosion, elegant and beautiful surface brilliantly keeps beer faucet always as new. awesome high-grade replacement for old brewing hardware. basic no frills beer tap holds up great for kegerator or jockey box setup in high traffic restaurant or personal homebrew.
  • Healthy Compositions of Beer Tap and Silicone Gasket: Highly healthy-grade, no rust beer tap is free of unhealthy substances, silicone sealing o-rings will not bring odors when directly touching beverages and beer will not get a metallic taste, extremely creates a healthy environment for the human body during drinking, the MRbrew beer faucet will be your good threshold to hug a green life, shiny surface makes beer tap keep looking good easily.
  • Easily Clean, Thoughtful Beer Tap Sealing O-rings and No Leaks No Foaming No Drip: Simple and reasonable structure makes beer faucet easy to disassemble and make cleaning regularly, healthy stainless provides a second guarantee for keeping beer faucet clean interior. good interior sealing gaskets, 3/8'' threads and 1-1/8'' threads let attach to tap handle and kegerator equipment perfectly, no connection leaking, no beer drips beer waste. good choice for the process of making a bar business.
  • Flexible Beer Faucet Top Lever and Will Not Stick: MRbrew beer faucet is flexible to operate, not easy to stick, less agitaion and foaming than brass, not easy to drip, good pouring, minimizing beverage loss. user-friendly beer tap can be attached to American stylish and customized 3/8'' threading beer tap handle to dispense beer and other beverages smoothly, makes brewing system look great, correct beer tap lever angle avoids accidental spills and pours, drink your beer faster!
  • Perfect for Various Homebrewing Activities: this homebrew beer tap can be used on kegerator draft beer tower, beer shank, jockey box, ball lock keg, mini keg growler filler dispensing system, sankey keg tap system for dispensing tasty post lawn mowing cold beer, kombucha, soda, a good beer pouring equipment if you are running a pub or holding an outdoor or indoor party picnic brewing activities, we will unconditionally solve your problems if you are not satisfied!
Highlighted Features:
  • Polished Chrome Finish on Genuine Perlick Quality Faucet
  • Smooth Flow, Less Beer Agitation, Less Foam for Better Pours
  • Patented Forward Seat Design Helps Prevent Faucet From Sticking
  • More Sanitary Than Standard Beer Faucets, Keeps Air From Beer Lines
  • Shipping rate is for the Continental US ONLY
Highlighted Features:
  • The Heavy Duty Draft Beer Faucet will Let You Enjoy Your Beer Easily;
  • The Beer Tap Will Fit Almost Any American Tower;
  • Quality Guarantee, Any Problem, Money Back or Replacement Guarantee;
  • Usually Connect 3/16 inch ID Vinyl Beer Line;
  • High Polished Chrome Finish.
Highlighted Features:
  • 2 INCH DRAFT BEER DISPENSER USEFUL TOOL: Long shank draft beer dispenser beer taps, 2 Inch Tap Shank with a basic beer tap handle. The outer diameter of the shank is 0.9 inch. The barbed fitting is 1/4 inch, easy to attach a beer/ wine line for beer tapping.
  • DURABLE & CORROSION RESISTANT BEER BREWING KIT: This is a Stainless steel core keg tap, forged brass body beer faucet, premium wear resistance 5-layer chrome plated kegerator tap, shinny polished faucet keg tapper, a good decoration for kitchen keg fridge!
  • EASY TO INSTALL KEGERATOR PARTS KIT: The shank is the perfect length and diameter to install on fridge door through thick wall. The draft beer tap also can be installed on a box as a picnic tap on the go, useful and portable draft beer system. Leak free connection easy to install.
  • FOOD SAFE MATERIAL NO LEAK CONSTRUCTION: We adopt safe material and upgrade construction to build this long last commercial standard beer tap. No leak or stuck during daily use for years,regularly cleaning is needed. A spout cover is included in package.
  • HEAVY DUTY STURDY BEER DRAFT FAUCET: One can feel the heavy duty when hold the faucet, 1.1lb high quality materials made this robust beer tap meets all requirements for beer dispensing, less foam clear beer! Perfect beer tap for beer bar, hotel, restaurant and home kitchen, etc.
Highlighted Features:
  • Body is made of chrome plated brass
  • Lever is made of brass
  • Fits american shanks or towers
  • High Polished Chrome Finish
  • Standard threading compatible with most branded tap handles
Highlighted Features:
  • Complete Kegerator Replacement Parts: MRbrew draft beer line shank faucet kit comes with necessary kegerator parts to let you replace old dispensing parts installed on beer tower, this kit includes beer line, sankey coupler sealing washer O.D 1/4'' tailpiece fitting, stainless core brass body beer tap, tap handle, beer tap self-closing springs, O.D 1/4'' barb beer shank, beer tap wrench, beer tap cleaning brush and anti-dust cover, hose clamp, a great beer dispenser kit for your homebrew.
  • Self-Closing Beer Faucet Spring Avoids Beer Waste: this beer tower replacement kit comes with a thoughtful stainless self-closing tap spring, which will rebound immediately and close the beer faucet in time if you accidentally touch the tap handle causing the faucet to open, reduce beverage waste efficiently and prevent the brewing mess. when you install the beer tap springs, the narrow end should be towards the tap, the wide end should be towards beer tower to get correct performance.
  • Beer Tap Wrench Prevents Leaking and Tap Brush Cover Keep Clean: this draft beer dispenser kit comes with tightening tools to help connection fit tightly. use faucet spanner wrench to tighten connection between beer faucet and beer tower, connection between the beer shank and tower and G5/8 hex nut of keg coupler to prevent leaks, use hose clamp to tighten beer line connection. long cleaning brush tap plug can clean the inside of faucet, tap dust cover keeps dirty from entering faucet.
  • Replace Your Old leaking Brewing Hose with MRbrew Quality Beer Line: 5 feet inside diameter 3/16'' dispensing tubing is long enough to make it easy to pull a keg out the fridge to change, thick enough hose wall prevents beer tubing kinks and maintains hose shape stability, smoothly transfers beverage without leakage and reduces foamy issues, brewing line hose is made of healthy PVC plastic, beer tap features a stainless core that is to touch beer, will not bring odors and change beverage taste.
  • Pretty Simple to Install and O.D 1/4'' Sankey Coupler Barb: this kit is easy to install on beer tower. remove pre-assembled connector fittings by soaking beer line in hot water, let hose clamp and beer shank thick white washer and beer shank hex nut get through beer hose, beer line gets through beer tower hole and attach it to beer shank, fix beer shank and beer tap to beer tower, attach keg coupler to beer line, a perfect kegerator kit for any brewers equipment home or commercial.
Highlighted Features:
  • Package included:1pcs Multifunctional Beer Faucet Wrench.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel,durable,lightweight,easy to carry.
  • Personalized and practical design,easy removal and replacement of your faucet from a tower system.
  • Overall Length:Approx.18cm,Suitable for faucet shank,beer tower,sankey coupler.
  • Simple operation and convenient,easy to use.
Highlighted Features:
  • Steel with rubber grip
  • One side is a spanner wrench that helps tighten faucets to shanks or towers
  • The other side is a hex nut wrench which tightens the nut on your keg coupler
  • A very handy item to have
  • In stock and ready to ship
Highlighted Features:
  • Appearance Upgrade to the Most Classic Black: Surface of beer faucet is elegant and beautiful, the fit and finish of this kegging beer faucet is comparable to all stainless beer faucet, makes your kegerator look high-grade, awesome upgrade or replacement for old brewing hardware. if you're looking for a basic, no frills beer faucet, this classic black surface beer tap will work just fine for your kegerator or jockey box setup, holds up great in a high traffic restaurant and personal homebrew.
  • Thoughtful Beer Tap Sealing O-rings and No Leaks No Foaming No Drip: there are sealing gaskets inside MRbrew beer tap, the seals and gaskets are all easy to be put back once kegerator beer faucet is cleaned, features a correct 3/8'' threads cut for attaching beer tap handle and 1-1/8'' threads cut for attaching kegerator equipment correctly, which ensures no leaking on the connection, seals great and pours a foaming-free beer cup, reduce beer drips and beer waste.
  • Healthy Beer Tap Stainless Core and Silicone Gasket: this beer faucet features a stainless steel core and black-plated brass body, no rust stainless and silicone sealing o-rings will not bring odors when directly touching beverages and beer will not get a metallic taste, creates a healthy environment for drinking, this beer faucet will be your good threshold to hug a green life, black-plated surface makes beer tap keep looking good easily and brilliantly keeps beer faucet always as new.
  • Comes with Basic Black Beer Tap Handle and Will Not Stick: beer faucet comes with a 3/8'' thread tap handle whose design is very user-friendly and black tap handle highly matches to the black surface of beer faucet, tap handle is sturdy and pulls beer faucet lever easily, correct tap handle angle avoids accidental spills and pours, beer tap structure is simple and reasonable, easy to disassemble and do brewing cleaning regularly, beer faucet is flexible to operate and not easy to get stick.
  • Perfect for Various Homebrewing Activities: this homebrew beer tap can be used on kegerator draft beer tower, beer shank, jockey box, ball lock keg, mini keg growler filler dispensing system, sankey keg tap system for dispensing tasty post lawn mowing cold beer, kombucha, soda, a good choice if you are in the process of making a bar business or holding an outdoor or indoor brewing activities, we will unconditionally solve your problems if you are not satisfied!
Highlighted Features:
  • Inner Constructed from FOOD GRADE 304 stainless steel, Chrome plated body. This ultra-durable material won’t pit or tarnish, and you’ll never have to worry about your beer being tainted by a gross metallic taste.
  • G5 / 8 thread,8MM Beer Pipe Barb,You can use the barb to connect 5/16’’ beer line or directly use the liquid ball lock post on the corny keg.Go through a wall : drill bit:0.6’’, Drill hole dia:2.3’’ ,Shank size:2.2’’
  • Adjustable Flow -- Full 0 ~ 100% flow control,adjustable beer flow rate and bubble volume,no waste and dirty embarrassment
  • No Leak & Little Foam -- Good sealing construction make it never leak,longer spout and smooth interior makes little foam
  • Used for -- Connect draft beer tap directly to a beer,soda keg or install in your fridge,suitable for bars, hotels, restaurants,home brew.
Highlighted Features:
  • [Solid Construction Every Part - No Leak/ No Loose]: Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with standard threads for faucet installation, further fix with faucet wrench, no leaks & no loose. Popular for indoor/ outdoor family gatherings or commercial applications like bars, hotels, and restaurants, etc.
  • [Contents Everything You Need For A Beer Tower]: Comes with 1 stainless steel column, 2 brass faucets, 2 of 5 feet 3/16" I.D. tubing, 1 beer tower gasket, 4 of M5 screws and nuts, 2 clamps, 2 beer faucet springs, 2 beer faucet soothers, 1 beer tap wrench, and 1 cleaning brush. A complete beer dispenser tower.
  • [Safe & Strong Material & Shiny Surface]: High-quality material long-last beer tap tower for homebrew. Rustproof stainless steel column, safe for beverage beer tubing, solid brass faucet with stainless steel core, stainless steel screws, and springs for longer service. The surface of the beer tower and beer faucet are both electroplated for better wear resistance.
  • [Few Minutes for Easy Installation Convenient Kit]: Pre-assembled faucet shanks and beer lines to save your time. 1. install this on a bar counter, then drill a hole on the countertop, place the gasket, pass the hose through the hole, use screws to fix the tower, and install the faucet. 2. Directly installing on a kegerator dispenser would be easier, no drills needed.
  • [Upgraded Self-closing Springs & Keep Improving]: The package includes 2 springs for self-closing tap installation. The spring is so strong that you may need a hand for installation. A self-closing tap is the end of drippings. Please feel free to tell if any problem, we would try our best to help. Lifetime technical support.
Highlighted Features:
  • [Beer Faucet Features]: Customized adjustable beer faucet, G 5/8 thread 2.3 inch shank for 0.5" thick walls. Won't pit or tarnish or destroy the flavour, we use corrosion resistant material for long time use.
  • [Beer Faucet Construction]: The body is made of brass, the core is made of stainless steel; We carefully polished the interior to get more smooth flow, less agitation and less foaming. Unique design to make craft beer dispensing an easier job!
  • [No Leak]: We adopt food safe rubber seals to eliminate your worries about leakage. Also easy to clean every part of the adjustable beer faucet, easy to operate the faucet and control the Beer flow.
  • [Application]: Widely used to dispense beverages from kegs. Attach beer line on the barbed fitting and go through a wall, refrigerator door, cabinet or Kegerator easily and get beer dispensing in minutes!
  • [Package & Quality Assured]: 1 * Short Shank Flow Control Beer Faucet. We are committed to offer you with high quality product as well as superior service! Please feel free to tell if any problem, we would try our best to satisfy you. Lifetime technical support.

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