Top 17 Best LifePlus Evaporative Coolers in 2022

Finding the right LifePlus evaporative cooler has become a challenging task because there are so many choices out there. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best LifePlus evaporative coolers so that you can compare them and choose the right one to fulfill your needs.

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Followings are the best-selling LifePlus evaporative coolers on Amazon today:

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List of the Best LifePlus Evaporative Coolers

To make your choice easier, we’ve listed here a collection of the best-selling LifePlus evaporative coolers available on the market today:

Highlighted Features:
  • 3-in-1 Multi-Function Fan: The biggest feature of our air cooler fan is that it combines an ordinary tower fan, an evaporative cooler and a humidifier in one, which can bring you cooling while maintaining humidity, meeting the needs of different scenarios, and it is very practical.
  • Humidify Dry Space: Both cooling mode and humidifying mode can be your secret weapon for survival in the heating month. The evaporative cooling process naturally humidifies the dry air and relieves the symptoms of dry air.
  • Keep The Air Humidity- Evaporative cooler fan increase moisture in a dry environment. The humidifier fan projects slightly purified humidified air throughout the room to counter the drying caused by the A/C. Especially suitable for use in dry climate areas.
  • Convenient and Portable: The bottom of this water swamp cooler is designed with wheels, so you can easily move it anywhere. The remote control and clear LED display design allows you to easily control it while sitting on the sofa.
  • 4 Speeds and 3 Modes: The easy-to-control 3 speeds setting and 360° rotating wind can provide all the comfort you need-low speed, medium speed, high speed, strong speed. At the same time, you can easily find the normal mode that suits your taste: fan, cooling and humidification.
Highlighted Features:
  • [Portable & Fast Cooling ] - LIfePlus evaporative air cooler equipping the best cooling technology, it will give you a cool and comfortable summer. This swamp cooling fan not only can be used as a bladeless tower fan and room cooler, but also a humidifier. Its cold air will cool your body and humid the air in few seconds. Portable & compact design [10.4 X 10 X 26.7 In ( L X W X H ), 12.38 lbs] allows you to easily move it anywhere . Definitely a good substitute for ac units.
  • [Multiple Wind Modes & Quiet] - 3 speeds and 4 modes of winds are available, no matter if you are sleeping, working or doing something else, LifePlus portable swamp cooler fan will always meet your different needs. And its noise level is less than 45 dB. So it will blow cold air to you quietly. Never worry about it waking you up when you are sleeping.
  • [Air Circulation Keeps The Air Fresh] - We not only design this water cooler fan can blow cold wind, but also brings you cleaner and fresh air. Keep your respiratory tract healthy. And moist air it bolws will also protect your skin to a certain extent, reduce the damage of dry wind to skin. LifePlus always pay attention to our customers.
  • [Remote Control & 45° Oscillation] - For the convenience of users, this small air cooling fan will come with a remote control, you can easily operate this water cooling fan without any difficulties . And the 45° large oscillating angel will allow you to adjust the cool area and make it ideal for a room, every person in the room can enjoy the cold air.
  • [1 Gallon Water Tank & 7H Timer] - The 1-gallon large water tank can keep the water cooling fan blowing cold air for 5 hours, so you don't need to refill water frequently. It also allows you to easily put 3 frozen ice boxes into the water tank. By the way, it has a 1-7H timer. You can set the time of automatic shutdown to prevent catching a cold during sleep.
Highlighted Features:
  • ❆【3 Wind Speed & 3 Wind Mode】This portable air cooler contains 3 wind speeds, high, medium and low. Moreover, this evaporative cooler also includes 3 modes of normal wind, natural wind and sleep wind, which meet our cooling needs in different scenarios.
  • ❆【Top LCD Touch Control Panel】The control panel of this room swamp cooler is at the top, which is convenient for pregnant women and the elderly without having to bend over to control it. Its top button has an LCD touch screen light source, which allows us to easily control it at night.
  • ❆【Safety Bladeless Design】 This cold air fans for bedroom has a bladeless design, which makes it safer to use than normal fans. In addition, its swinging blades can control the wind direction, which allows it to change the wind direction without turning its body.
  • ❆【Hidden Carrying Handle】 There is a portable hidden handle on the top back of this air conditioner portable, which can help us move the fan with less effort and stability, without letting it roll over and cause water leakage.
  • ❆【5L Removable Large Water Tank】: This portable evaporative coolers contains a water tank with a capacity of 5L, which can be used for a long time after being filled up once. You no longer need to add water frequently! In addition, the water tank of this portable evaporative coolers can be disassembled. When you need to clean it, you can disassemble the water tank for cleaning. It will not be troublesome for cleaning at all!
  • ❆【Remind】We promise to have a one-year warranty for this product. If the product has quality problems and cannot be used within one year, we will re-issue a new heater for you or give you a full refund!
Highlighted Features:
  • 【2-IN-1 EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER】Are you still worried about dry skin in summer? This evaporative air cooler is a combination of fan's fresh wind and humidifier's moist function, let you breathe in the humid and cool air. It is tested that this swamp cooler with up to 1.3 gallon of water reservoir can easily bring up the humidity by 82%.
  • 【SELECT THE AIRFLOW YOUR LIKE】This portable air cooler easy to control with 3-speed settings gives all the comfort you need – low, medium, or high speed. Meanwhile, you are able to easily find an appropriate mode-normal, sleep, natural, or cool to you. Better for small/and medium spaces like an atrium, living room, bedroom, kitchen.
  • 【50° OSCILLATION】This evaporative cooler is tall, has a great oscillating area so it covers a great portion of the room, efficiently circulate the air around the room so every person in the room can enjoy the cool air, super easy to use and the remote control is awesome!
  • 【BLADELESS DESIGN AND EASY CLEANING】Thanks to the bladeless design, air cooling fan is much safer to use in the household that have children or pets. Another impressive things about the bladeless fan is the cooling effect, it delivers a stream of smooth, strong and high-velocity air, for personal cooling. No awkward safety grille or blades to clean.
  • 【PROTABLE DESIGN】12-Hour Timer feature and LED display amplify your freedom. Dual water tanks designed, water can be added up and down, no need to bend over, and 2 small ice boxes for top and 2 big ones fit on the bottom. What's more, its built-in handle on the back allows you to move your tower fan from room to room effortless.
Highlighted Features:
  • 🐧[A Cooler Fan for 3 Purposes]- Our evaporative cooler is equipped with evaporative cooling technology, not only as an ordinary tower fan, but also as a humidifier and an evaporative air cooler. Put the 3 ice boxes into the 1 gallon water tank. The efficient cooling function allows the surrounding to cool down quickly. It will offer you a cool and nice summer.
  • 🐧[Promote Air Circulation, Good for Health]- Does the hot air always bother you? If the air conditioner is on for a long time, you will feel the air is dry, right? This air cooler fan can deliver cool air from the AC to the room, promoting air circulation. It will blow moist and comfortable air, protecting your skin health and reduce the damage of dry air to you.
  • 🐧[3 Customized Modes & 3 Wind Speeds ]- The swamp cooler comes with 3 modes (Normal/ Nature/ Sleeping/ Cooling). Each mode can be adjusted to different wind speeds (Low/ Medium/ High) as you like. It realizes up to 7 hours of timing function. Combined with sleeping mode and its quiet feature, let you have a sweet dream. Suitable for small and medium-sized spaces such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.
  • 🐧[2 Methods to Add Water]- In addition to the bottom, you can also add water from the top without bending over. The 1 gallon water tank keeps the tower fan blowing cool and humid wind for 5-6 hours. Through the visible water window, you will clearly see the water level.
  • 🐧[Convenient & Safe Design]- This cooling fan is designed with bladeless and central-hollow. No harm, and easy to clean. It takes care of your safety from every detail. The built-in handle makes it easy for you to carry it to everywhere.
  • 🐧[What You Will Get]- 1x Cute and Portable Air Cooler, 3x Ice Pack, 1x Owner's Manual and Our 100% Satisfactory Service. Each cooler fan will have a 1 year warranty.
  • 🐧{NOTICE}- Here are something you need to know before buying. This evaporative air cooler is not an air conditioner to cool the whole room. But it can blow out cooler air than a normal fan and keep the room from being too stuffy and dry. If you find missing accessories after receiving the package, please contact us.
Highlighted Features:
  • ❄【3 Wind Modes & 3 Wind Speeds】This evaporative air cooler has three wind modes: normal, natural and sleep. This keeps us from getting too cold while resting and also saves on electricity bills. The third wind speed is: Low/Medium/High. The combination of three wind speeds and three wind modes can meet our more cooling needs.
  • ❄【Double water filling method】This air conditioning fan has two water filling ports at the bottom and top. There is a 1.32 gallon large detachable water tank at the bottom. You can take out the water tank and add a lot of water to the water tank at a time. On the top of it is a refillable water injection port, which allows us to add some water more conveniently without bending over.
  • ❄【70° Oscillation Function & LCD Display】This portable air cooler has a 50-degree cooling oscillation function, which allows more people around to enjoy the coolness. At the same time, The top part of this room air cooler for bedroom has an Ultra HD Blu-ray LCD display, which not only displays the current temperature, but also displays the icons of the functions that have been turned on, such as timing, wind speed, oscillation, etc.
  • ❄【Remote Control & Top Control Panel】This evaporative cooler cooling fan has a remote control, which allows us to easily control the fan while lying on the sofa. At the same time, its panel control design is on the top of the standing cooler fan, which allows us to directly control the fan without bending over. This is a great design for the elderly and pregnant women.
  • ❄【4 Ice Boxes & Quality Assurance】This bladeless tower fan will come with 2 small ice boxes and 2 large ice boxes. After filling the ice box until the refrigerator freezes, put it into the water tank/filling port, press the "cooling" button and wait for 3-5 seconds, the cooler fan can produce cool wind. Our products have quality assurance. If the product is damaged or other problems, we will provide you with a full refund or reissue a new tower evaporative cooler.
Highlighted Features:
  • 3 in 1 Evaporative Air Cooler: Lifeplus Evaporative Air Cooler cannot only be used as an tower fan, but also as a humidifier and a swamp cooler which brings you moist wind and cooling down the air around you faster in hot summer. The large-capacity 1.32 gallon water tank reduces the trouble of frequent water filling, It can be used for about 6-hours after filling up the water. If you want the cooler effect, please add ice water or the ice boxes that comes with the package.
  • 3 Speeds&Modes/ Remote Control: This evaporative air conditioner has 3 wind speed(Small/Middle/High)and modes(Natural/Sleeping/Normal)with 360° Oscillation function which can satisfy your various cooling need . This ac fan is very simple to use. In addition to being controlled by buttons, it can also be controlled by remote control from a long distance. You can easily adjust to the mode you want on the sofa or bed. Best company for your summer!
  • Safe Design &Quiet: The bladeless design protects your baby or pets from traditional bladed fan accidents, eliminating your extra worries. Low noise operation is more suitable for kids and the elderly who are more likely to be awakened when sleeping.
  • Energy Saving&12 Hour Timer: Compared to traditional air conditioners, our evaporative cooler consume less electricity. And it does not need to be installed which saves you labor costs. Also the timing function solves the troubles of running the cooling effect overnight which saves your electricity bill.
  • Portable: Lightweight and small wheels make it easy for you to take this bladeless fan anywhere. It is great for offices, living room, bedroom and etc! A good choice of gift for your family and friends.
Highlighted Features:
  • 【Humidification & Cooling Function】- Not only be a normal bladeless fan, but also be a air cooling fan and humidifier, which gives you a comfortable environment. And no compressor and does not use chemical refrigerants, Ice box and cold water can provide you with quick cooling. It is the best choice for saving electricity in summer.
  • 【Safety Bladeless Design & Easy to Clean】- Lifeplus Evaporative Air Cooler with bladeless design, it is much safer to use in the household that have children or pets and it delivers a stream of smooth and high-velocity air. No longer need to dismantle the entire machine for cleaning like traditional fans. And built in handle can make it easier to move to other rooms. When the season is changing, just wipe the ring to store it.
  • 【Intimate design, Convenient Life】- This swamp cooler fan with a smart 7 hours timer. Easily set your desired off time on the control panel or use the remote control. You don’t need to get up from the sofa or bed. 1 Gallon water tank can easily increase the humidity of the room and allows you to use it for long time without frequent add water. Humanized double water tank, No need to bend over, Water can be added up and down. It is friendly to the elderly and pregnant women.
  • 【3 Wind Speed & 4 Modes for Choose】- High/middle/low 3 wind speed and Normal/Natural/Sleeping modes switch speeds to simulate wind changing 4 mode selection of wind type could meet your needs in different time periods. Plus 45°automatic swing can quickly circulate air throughout the room. Better for small and medium spaces like an atrium, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Press the ‘Cooling’ button for powerful cool, loading it up with ice cubes and ice packs for best use!
  • 【Air Circulator Ease Dry Air】- This portable air cooler with humidification can process naturally humidifies dry air, and ease dry air symptoms by A/Cs in hot days. circulate the wind blowing from the air conditioner, make room cooler and save bills.
  • After-sales service: After receiving the package, please check whether there is any problem with the product, whether the accessories are complete. If you have any problems, please contact us by email, and we will deal with it for you as soon as possible.
Highlighted Features:
  • 3-In-1 Multi-Function Fan- This evaporative air cooler can be used as an ordinary fan or evaporative cooler. When it is used as an ordinary tower fan, it can bring you cool wind. When it is used as an evaporative cooler, the use of the ice box will bring you a cold effect. You can get two experiences if you have it!
  • 2 Ways Water Filling Mode- This swamp cooler fan has two places where you can add water. It has a very user-friendly design. The first time you need add large amount of water, you can use the bottom to quickly fill it up. If you are below the lowest water mark after a period of use, you can add water through the top without bend over.
  • Keep The Air Humidity- Evaporative cooler fan increase moisture in a dry environment. The humidifier fan projects slightly purified humidified air throughout the room to counter the drying caused by the A/C. Especially suitable for use in dry climate areas.
  • Wide Range Oscillation-The oscillating tower fan is beneficial to improve a wider range of circulation. At the same time, it can also meet the cooling needs of multiple people sitting at different angles. Utilizing minimal space while providing maximum air distribution.
  • 3 Fan Speeds and Modes- Customize air circulation speed-through low, medium or high 3 quiet speeds and 3 optional wind modes (including normal, natural, sleep modes). This fan provides you with the most personalized effect.
Highlighted Features:
  • ❆Independent Humidifier: This evaporative cooler fan has a self-contained mist humidifier on top that produces a cool mist of water vapor for quick cooling when turned on. When the room temperature drops, this portable air cooler fan continues to work, and the independent sprinklers can be turned off individually.
  • ❆Bladeless Safety Design: This room air cooler adopts a bladeless design, which is safer than ordinary fans. Unlike other fans that need to spin on their own for a wiggling effect, this room cooler for bedroom changes the wind direction by turning the blades counter-clockwise or clockwise. This function can greatly avoid the danger of the fan accidentally falling over during the swinging process!
  • ❆Convenient Bottom Pulley: This portable air cooler for room comes with four handy pulleys on the bottom, through which we can move it smoothly when its tank is full of water. Not only does this make it easier for us to move it around, but it also prevents water from spilling out of the tank.
  • ❆LED Digital Display: This fan air conditioner has an LCD digital display in the middle, which not only shows the specific temperature of the room, but also displays icons for all functions. With the icons displayed on this display you can clearly know which function is being activated.
  • ❆5L Large Water Tank & 4 Ice Boxes: The water tank of this windowless air conditioners has a capacity of about 5L, which is about 1.32 gallons. At the same time, we will give you 4 ice boxes of equal size. You can replace them in pairs.
  • ❆Remind : We promise a one-year warranty for this product. If the product cannot be used due to quality problems within one year, we will re-issue a new product for you or give you a full refund!
Highlighted Features:
  • PORTABLE - 4 heavy duty locking casters for cooling home, patio or workshop spaces up to 950 square feet
  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL – 37x17x24 inches; 3, 100 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM); 3 fan speeds and oscillating louvers to ensure even distribution, wide coverage and comfort
  • EASY TO OPERATE & SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN – 3 simple rotary controls allow the fan (Off, Hi, Med, Low), pump (On, Off) and oscillation motor (On, Off) to be controlled independently
  • MANUAL & CONTINUOUS FILL – Utilize the Continuous Fill option by attaching a household hose with the included float adaptor, eliminating the need to manually watch and fill the water tank
  • SUPERCHARGED, ECONOMICAL COOLING – 3-sided rigid high-density cooling pads for increased evaporative surface area generating cooler air
  • Power source type: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • To minimize noise and vibration, the air conditioner should be placed on a firm floor.
  • 3100 CFM
Highlighted Features:
  • 【3-in-1 Appliance】 With three possible cooling processes (air/water/ice), this portable evaporative cooler not only can be as a fan, also reduce air temperature as well as add humidity.
  • 【Excellent Cooling Effect】VAGKRI air cooler has 3 sided intake pannels allow for fast cooling and super cool air, delivered strongly with powerful fan motors. It also has an ice compartment for ultra effective cooling.
  • 【Larger Coverage】With its 120° oscillation, this portable swamp cooler can handle spaces of up to 700 square feet, puts out 2100 cubic feet of cold air a minute, effectively distributes the cold air all throughout the space.
  • 【Manual and Continuous Fill】Featuring an large 8-gallon water tank, this evaporative air cooler will keep going for hours, you can add water from the top manually or attach a garden hose for uninterrupted cooling without needing to be refilled.
  • 【Digital Display and Remote Control】This cooling fan uses electronic control panel, aimed at ease of use and long term reliability, lets you select between 3 fan speeds and 1-24H timer settings, and there is also a full-function remote control.
Highlighted Features:
  • [Beat The Heat And Cut Energy Costs] - This portable evaporative cooler is loaded with convenience features, including easy-glide casters and a removable water tank for mess-free refills.
  • [Stay Cool With CycloneCirculation] - CycloneCirculationTM technology keeps cold air moving, which creates a wind chill effect that feels even cooler on your skin than still air does.
  • [Convenient Cooling Anywhere] - Lightweight design and easy-roll casters let you move this evaporative cooler from room to room for relief from the heat. The removable, 1.45-gallon water tank makes drip-free refills a snap.
  • [Goodbye Dry Heat, Hello Cool Breeze] - Our Evaporative Air Cooler brings the oasis to you on a dry hot day. As the powerful fan pulls hot, dry air across the fibrous pad surface, water quickly turns from liquid into gas, providing a refreshing breeze.
  • [Save Money with Eco-Friendly Technology] - Evaporative cooling is the ideal solution for hot, dry climates west of the Mississippi River. It's a natural process that cools your home without any chemical coolants.
Highlighted Features:
  • 🌀【Advanced Safety Design】- LifePlus portable heater fan are produced by flame retardant material with overheat protection design. Heater will automatic cut-off when over heating. ETL Certification provide further protection. Your safety is the most important thing.
  • 🌀【Easy to Control by 1 Knob】- Only ONE knob to control, Adjust the knob to turn the left toward the RED light to choose cooling or heating, turn the right to the BLUE FAN sign to get cooling in 2 wind speeds. Just one knob, Whether it's a child or an elderly, everyone can get warm or cool easily.
  • 🌀【Energy Efficient Cooling Fan】- Equipped with advanced Independent fan motor, Cooling and heating both works efficiently. longer service life, higher efficiency. You can get cool or warm instantly. Strong wind is coming out from fan consistently.
  • 🌀【Great for All Season】- This 2-in-1 cooling and heating fan comb with two mode design, All season is promising. The dual heater fan provides you maximum convenience. It’s also a great present for friends and family.
  • 🌀【Mini Size for Personal Use】- LifePlus lightweight small space heater fan with mini size and light weight for indoor use, dimension : 9.44 in x 6 in x 10.63 in, 2.42 lb. Everyone can carry the small portable fan easily with handle. Meanwhile, small heater can rotate to 18°and 45°for your foot and body. Whether you are in the office or at home, can feel the warm or cool, anywhere you can imagine.
Highlighted Features:
  • BEAT DRY HEAT-G-OCEAN 3-in-1 personal air cooler with fan, humidification and cooling functions. Equipped with 2 ice boxes and a large 1 gallon water tank. If you live in a hot, dry area, or sweltering room with direct sunlight, try this newly released swamp cooler. Powerful cooling mode with wind speed up to 22ft/s keeps you cool all summer.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR COOL-This evaporative cooler is designed with 3 modes (Normal/Natural/Sleep) and 3 speeds (L/M/H), various wind speeds and temperature combinations, widely used in various scenarios, no matter working, yoga exercise, sleeping or rest, this portable air conditioner fan can create a comfortable temperature and humidity for you in 250 sq.ft room.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY-Equipped with a powerful motor, this 46 inch huge evaporative air cooler circulates cooling airflow throughout the room at wind speeds of up to 22 ft/s, saving you more energy and money than air conditioners. Used in conjunction with the air conditioner, the 60° oscillating fan cooler expands the cooling range and humidity of the air conditioner, relieves the dryness of the air conditioner.
  • SLEEP IN COMFORT-Equipped with a remote control that features sensitive response and 20ft sensing distance, this room cooler can be easily set up even in bed. When in sleep mode, this cooler fan will work less than 35dB, 8 hour timer and 3 minute automatic off screen keeps your sleep undisturbed by air cooler fan. air cooler adopts unique modern streamlined design with arc night light, and the super fancy outlook is the decoration of quality life.
  • HOME COOLING COMPANION-With smart touch panel, clear LED display and super fancy night light, this portable swamp cooler is easy to assemble and operate without experience. The evaporative cooler filter can be disassembled and cleaned. ETL certified portable evaporative cooler with a safety plug to prevent voltage overload. G-Ocean offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty.Remote Control Battery Required But Not Included 【1PCS CR2025】, Please Correctly Install Before Use.
Highlighted Features:
  • ❄️【A Evaporative Cooler With 2 Ice Packs】- With advanced cooling system, add frozen packs and water, this small windowless portable air conditioner fan is easier to help you relief from the heat quickly. No window hose installing needed, No huge bill.
  • 🌿【A Humidifier To Beat The Dry Air】-The personal space air cooler can naturally humidify through the evaporative cooling process to relieve dry climates. [Fully Detachable Water Tank] is easier to clean, and 2L water capacity is large enough to last one day.
  • 👌【A 40° Oscillating Tower Fan】- Using high-power silent motor, the wind is stronger than others, the max speed can reach 10m/s. The ring-shaped air outlet design makes the air flow smoother and more stable. This evap cooler has [3 Modes] normal /natural /sleeping, [3 Speeds] for each mode. Easily find a setting that suits you better.
  • 💖【The Safest Bladeless Deign & Ultra-quiet】- In any case, the motor and fan blades will not be touched, giving children and pets the highest sense of security, you can safely leave them alone. The noise of the evap cooler fan is less than 40 dB on Low speed, so anyone should be able to sleep.
  • 🌹【More Convenient Dual Control With Timer】Our cooling fan is equipped with 1-2-4-8Hrs Timer feature and remote control to amplify your freedom even it has panel control way (touch screen). Have your swamp cooler in hand from 30 feet away without having to get up.
  • 【Buy With Confidence】Compact and lightweigh, easy to store when not in use. The evaporative cooler fan doesn’t use a compressor, it's suitable for use with really AC unit to speed up air circulation, humidity and save on the bill. 100% SATISFYING CUSTOMER SERVICE - refund or replacement, feel free to contact us.
Highlighted Features:
  • 【2022 Upgraded Portable Air Conditioners Fan】EEIEER mini air conditioners are a combination of table fan, air cooler, humidifier and LED night lights. The LCD smart screen make it easy to use. Our 4-in-1 multi-function portable air conditioner will bring you cool and comfort in this hot summer, they are perfect for bedroom, office, dorm desk table, patios or other indoor/outdoor use.
  • 【Personal Air Conditioner with 3 Wind Speeds & Timing Function】The small air conditioners are designed with 3 wind speed ( natural / cold / strong wind) to meet your different needs. The air outlet angle is also adjustable. And the 2/4H timing setting allow you to sleep or work more comfortable. It’s a perfect desk air conditioner fan for bedroom, office, outdoor and occasion like sports, work and sleep.
  • 【Evaporative Air Cooler with 2 Misting Settings】EEIEER evaporative portable air conditioner has fast cooling function. Simply add some clean water or ice to the water tank (do not exceed the highest water level), start the cooling mode, the air cooler will remove small particles and humidify the air while cooling, allowing you to enjoy a healthier life in a cool, comfy environment during summer.
  • 【4000mAh Battery Powered Air Conditioner】The rechargeable small air conditioner is designed with 4000mAh built-in battery, you can take it for summer camping, traveling or other outdoor use after charging (the battery power will last for 2h). The portable fan can also be charged by 5V/2A adaptor or any Tpye-C charging device like power bank.
  • 【Portable AC Air Conditioner with Remote & Handle】 The upgraded air conditioner portable fans are equipped with a remote control. You could adjust the portable air cooler remotely while lying on the sofa or bed without moving ( the remote control distance is within 2 meters ). And there is a handle above the cooler so you could put it wherever you need, allowing you more convenience!
  • 【Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly Cooling Fans】 The 9.8- inch height mini portable ac air conditioner won't take up much space. The mini evaporative cooling fans have low energy consumption, they are cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than freon air conditioners. Allowing you spend less to meet your personal necessary!

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Guide for Choosing the Best LifePlus Evaporative Cooler

If you are ever in the market for buying LifePlus evaporative cooler, you probably know how difficult it is to find the best one for the money. You may get confused thinking about:

  1. Who makes the best quality LifePlus evaporative cooler in the industry?
  2. Which one is the best LifePlus evaporative cooler for the money?
  3. How to choose the right LifePlus evaporative cooler on the market?

When it comes to choosing the right LifePlus evaporative cooler among a wide variety of options, you should consider some factors. Those factors may include quality, performance, features, value, etc. Without considering those factors you may end up buying a poor quality LifePlus evaporative cooler that will not provide you with the best value for your money.

Before investing in LifePlus evaporative cooler, you should find the answer to the following questions:

  • Do you really need to buy LifePlus evaporative cooler?
  • How much value you are expecting from the LifePlus evaporative cooler?
  • What factors do you believe should be considered when buying LifePlus evaporative cooler?

To help you make an informed decision, here we are going to discuss the factors that you should consider when shopping for LifePlus evaporative cooler whether online or from any retail store.

Product Quality

Product quality should be the most important factor to consider when shopping for LifePlus evaporative cooler. You are going to use this product for a long time. So, you should consider the quality of the LifePlus evaporative cooler and make sure it will fit your requirement.


The LifePlus evaporative cooler comes with a lot of features and functionalities. In this article, we’ve mentioned the features of each of these LifePlus evaporative coolers so that you can choose the right one for your needs. You should read all the features of the LifePlus evaporative cooler before making a decision.


You can get an array of LifePlus evaporative coolers, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The LifePlus evaporative cooler that costs more is usually made from better materials and will last longer than a cheaper one. But if you want to be able to purchase a new LifePlus evaporative cooler every few months, you may want to consider the budget-friendly options.

Reviews and Ratings

Finally, the customer reviews and ratings should be considered when buying LifePlus evaporative cooler. Good customer reviews and ratings indicate that the LifePlus evaporative cooler is going to perform well whereas bad ratings and negative reviews indicate that people already have faced problems using that particular product.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our listing about the best LifePlus evaporative coolers. As you can see, there are still so many alternatives to choose from. So, it’s better to check out each of these items carefully and pick the right LifePlus evaporative cooler that сan satisfies all your requirements.

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